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The Seeds of Learning Academy ESL Program

English is a very difficult language, and sadly, many schools are unable to help ESL students learn English quickly. At the Seeds of Learning Academy, we understand the challenges ESL students face, and help them learn quickly. Our teachers use proven techniques that are specifically designed for ESL students to make learning and practicing English effective and fun. For example, we use games, music, reading, writing, and special thinking activities that help students learn English.

Common Challenges ESL Students Face and the Solutions The Seeds of Learning Academy Will Provide

Challenge: Pronunciation of certain letters and sounds.
Solution: We practice speaking English, focusing on pronunciation, and create special exercises to help the student learn how to pronounce sounds and words.

Challenge: Understanding school subjects and assignments, and keeping up with a regular class.
Solution: We review and explain what the student has learned in school, and guide him/her through assignments so s/he can be more successful.

Challenge: Learning, understanding, and practicing correct grammar
Solution: The student will do fun and innovative activities that will help them learn correct grammar. The tutor will explain grammar rules, give examples, and help the student practice.

Challenge: A small vocabulary that makes it difficult to communicate in English Solution: Our teacher will teach the student many techniques for improving vocabulary and help the student practice using the new words.

Challenge: Reading and Listening Comprehension
Solution: The student will practice reading and listening skills. S/he will complete special activities that will help improve comprehension.

Challenge: ESL students often have problems writing in English.
Solution: Our teachers guide students through the writing process, using proven techniques to make writing easier to understand and practice.

Challenge:Understanding American school methods, culture, and requirements.
Solution: The Seeds of Learning Academy teacher will answer questions and explain American culture and school requirements. The student will be able to ask questions and learn in a supportive environment.

Challenge:The student lacks confidence and self-esteem.
Solution: Our teachers understand how difficult it is to be in a new country and learn English. They will give the student plenty of praise and positive reinforcement for making an effort and learning.

Some of the topics we focus on include:
  • Reading English
  • Comprehension
  • Writing techniques and conventions
  • Speaking and Conversation
  • Improving Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Increasing Vocabulary
  • Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Study skills
  • Supplemental activities to the student's regular school education

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